Most of our patients report a minor discomfort during the first 3-4 days. A regular painkiller is usually sufficient to relieve the discomfort. We also provide our patients with ‘soft wax’ that they can use to cover all the rough spots of their braces, and avoid or overcome any irritation. Mouthwashes with lukewarm water where salt has been diluted also offers a relief.

The intervals between visits in our practice are approximately 2 months. When treatment is close the end, we might need to schedule a few visits in shorter intervals.

Usually, we make small adjustments on your braces by replacing a wire, moving a bracket to a new position, or adding a tiny accessory. These are short visits and when they end, the patient or the parent are informed about the course of the treatment.

You may call our office number +30 2106743186. There will be a response all working days from 9 am to 10 pm; Saturdays: 9 am to 2 pm.

You may call our office number +30 2106743186, and we will schedule your first complimentary visit. Following a preliminary examination and evaluation we inform the patient about the type of the orthodontic problem, the recommended treatment, and the possible duration of this treatment. In some cases, additional x-rays might be needed before a more definite diagnosis can be made. Those patients who already have had x-rays done, are kindly requested to carry those with them.

All those patients who are not in the right age to start treatment are placed on a 6-month recall schedule. The regular recall checkups provide the opportunity to evaluate the growth pattern and the dental development of a child. Our goal is never to begin treatment before the ideal period which will permit to perform the most efficient treatment in the most effective way.